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Computation can have many positive influences on modern life, but these benefits are unevenly distributed, particularly in a country with as much socio-economic diversity as India. COMPUTE 2018 – An International Symposium organized by ACM India in collaboration with Chitkara University, Punjab has Computing for Better Bharat as its prime objective and will focus on following two theme areas:-

Theme 1 - Improving the quality of computer science engineering education (including curriculum, pedagogy and assessment) in Indian undergraduate programs.

Theme 2 - (Poster Presentation Competition) - Utilizing computation to address India-specific challenges including challenges of rural India.

Theme 1 will be of particular interest to Computer Science Educators, and will feature:

Submission Due by – August 22 August 30, 2018
Open to students, research scholars and academicians of all departments

Theme 2 is directed toward students, research scholars, academicians who wish to present solutions to the one of the below listed problems by participating is Poster Presentation Competition to be organized during COMPUTE 2018. It is desired that participating teams should have prototype of their solution also available. Shortlisted teams will be expected to showcase their prototypes (or video of their prototypes) during the competition.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): Submission Instructions

Awards & Benefits

  • Cash Prizes up to INR50,000 and goodies
  • Mentorship by panel of experts during and after COMPUTE 2018
  • Support to take your prototypes to products stage.
  • Zero Registration Fee, Free Travel & Accommodation for one Team Member*

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